Business Directory in Sri Lanka

Cbizz / How To Create An Account

How To Create An Account

1. 1st Step - Click Join right of the top corner in the page

2nd Step - Select your package and click sign up now button

3rd Step - Type your Firs & Last name / email address on General information

Type your User name and Password on Account Information

Select your Membership Pckage

2. How to Log My Account

3. How to create Business Profile

4. How to Add or Edit My Profile information & Business Logo

5. How to Add Slide Images & Business Logo in My Profile

6. How to Add and Edit Products or Services in My Profile

7. How to add or remove Videos in My Profile

8. What is Dashboard ?

Dashboard will display your Accout information and Progress ( means number of Visitors to your Profile)

9. How to change My e-mai address or Password

10. How to Delete My Account