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Smart Banking

Product Descreption

Banking. Innovation. Deployment.
The Smart Bank will address all the needs of a running an un­man bank leaving banking staff to focus their work and amazing the customer with freedom of doing banking at their convenience. Smart Bank will replace 90% of the banking teller and customer service personals workload enabling banks to operate 24x7 with 70% of cost reduction.

Account Opening
Cash Depositing
Cheque Depositing
Open Fixed Deposit
Withdrow Money
Statement Printing
Balance Inquiry
Apply for a Loan
Encash a Cheque

Product Inquiry

PayMedia Private Limited

Finance / Logistics Support Companies for Banking Industry

Sri Lanka / Colombo / Colombo 05

No. 210, Havelock Road, Colombo 05, Sri Lanka

+94 777 702 000

+94 772 448 144

[email protected]