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Cbizz / Industrial / Hardware Suppliers / Goldland Trading Company
Add. : 297-1/1, George R De Silva Mawatha
Phone : 0768336336
Goldland Trading Company Goldland Trading Company is a specialized in international trading, importing and exporting. Our professional staffs have vast experience in sourcing products at an international level. We promise to serve you best services, Quality products and huge scope of growth, we have been in this function for more than 15 years, we have very much satisfied customers around the world, we have our customer base in almost all countries and we will ensure the same from Sri Lanka. We will make business easier. We wish to serve you the best and in a different way.

We provides product sourcing and directing the services that help keeping any sourcing project smooth and profitable. We locate your providers, negotiate rates and costs, provide currency conversions, monitor production, maintain quality and arrange to have the goods delivered on time.

GTC is committed to provide the highest levels of services as well as providing innovative solutions to meet customers changing transport needs with complete transparency in the most cost-effective manner, thereby building lasting commitment and long-term relationship with its customers, principals and partners.

We provides product sourcing and logistics services that help keep any sourcing product/services smooth and profitable.