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Contact Person : Harshini
Add. : Kaduwela,Sri Lanka
Phone : +94 71 950 0693
Hotline : +94 71 950 0693
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HC Finance Services
1. Book keeping & Other financial related works.
• Analyzing all payments vouchers, Utility bills and other company expenses.
• Prepared excel work sheets & Summarized all expenses.
• Checked all deposit’s with company bank A/C’s & Prepared the excel work sheet’s.
(Ex. Gross Deposit/Loan/Bank transfer etc…).
• Check & analyzing all sale’s invoice’s regarding current financial year.
• Finalized all excel working sheet’s and passed the Journal entry’s using Accounting Soft ware. (Ex : Quick book).

2. Final Account’s.

• Statement of Financial position. (Balance sheet)
• Statement of comprehensive income. (Profit & Loss A/C)
• Cash Flow statement.
• Turn over reconciliation Statements.
• Notes & Sub Notes.
• Statements Of Company detail under company Act (No 07 of 2007)
i. Name Of the company.
ii. Company address.
iii. Nature of the business…..etc

3. Filling Returns (Monthly/Quartly/Yearly)
• Value Added Tax (VAT).

i. Prepared the schedule of sales invoice’s (Quartly of monthly) & separate the OUT PUT VAT portion. (Ex: Gross value/VAT/Net value)
ii. Prepared the Schedule of INPUT VAT & Specially mention below detail.
 Company name
 VAT Number
 Clearly mention “TAX INVOICE”
 VAT breakup
iii. All Schedule’s are up lorded to “RAMIS” system & Filing Online VAT returns.

• Nation Building Tax (NBT)/ Economic service charge (ESC) & PAYE

i. Prepared the schedule & up lorded to “RAMIS’’ System or Manual submitted to inland revenue department.(Quartly /yearly or Monthly).