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Cbizz / Automobiles & Motocycles / Repair & Service Centers / LOLC Motors
Add. : 222, Kolonnawa Road, Gotatuwa, Sri Lanka.
Phone : +94112 547 024
Hotline : +94770 338 899
LOLC Motors
WE CAN HANDLE ALL OF YOUR AUTO REPAIR SERVICES Our workshop is well equipped to handle mechanical repairs, preventive maintenance, lubrication service, quick lube service, collision repairs, paint re-finishing or touch-ups, wheel alignment, wheel-balancing unit repairs amongst many other services. We specialize in servicing leading automobile brands including the latest, technologically advanced motor vehicles such as Lexus and hybrids.

Delivering these services and product repairs is in the hands of our experienced and highly-trained automotive technicians and service writers who are equipped with the latest in diagnostic equipment to handle all of your automotive repairs. Our aim is to become the preferred auto workshop facility for the discerning motorist in Sri Lanka.
Mechanical Repairs
Preventive Maintenance
Lubrication Service
Quick Lube Service
Collision Repairs
Paint Re-finishing & Touch-ups
Wheel Alignment
Wheel-Balancing Unit Repairs