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Cbizz / Decoration & Landscaping / Landscaping / Shahee Garden Service
Contact Person : Afzal
Add. : 80/5 1A, Kithulwatta Lane, Colombo-08
Phone : 0777911357
Hotline : 0728101321 / 07
Shahee Garden Service We do undertake all types of Landscaping all plants wholesale & retail dealers...
♧ Natural & Modern Landscaping Service
♧ Garden Designs
♧ Garden Maintenance Supplying
♧ Grass Supplier
♧ Grass Cutting
♧ Paving Interloc
k♧ Plant Supplier
And many more.

High quality paving with new technology and on time services.

Leave your garden in the hands of an expert, who can do the work with best price and quality.

We have successfully completed large number of residential and commercial (ex: Hotels , Housing projects , Tea Factories , Garment Factories )

Quality is what we focus first it is our main idea to prepare your garden for a price you can afford.

#CALL_US to discuss the information and to get a price quotation as it varies with different soil and surrounding conditions