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Spa & Massage Centers in Sri Lanka lists & updates information on Ayurveda, herbal, Thai & spa, 24 hours service, parlors and body massage centers in Colombo and in Sri Lanka. It gives review and rate on each center. Also, it provides information about spa and massage related subject such as spa accessories, buy & sell, utilities, spa & resorts, etc. Why we do? Because, spa / massage is popular in the island due to low cost and variety of massages. Especially, Ayurvedic massage, which is famous due to country’s ancient practice. Even though, Thai, Chinese massages and other type of herbal massages also available. We list and provide all type of services that could be economical level to luxury / star level.

Sri Lankan body massage service is highly available in Colombo, the commercial capital of the country and business hub. However, other districts such as Gampaha, Kandy, Galle, Kurunagalla, Matara, Matala, Andradhapura also have significant number of services. Mostly, services are highly available, where tourist’s presences are high. Rest of the districts gradually develop the service after the end of war. Sri Lankan, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, South Korean, Russian, Singaporean and other nationals are available to serve as masseuses and masseurs.

Generally, you could spot these therapies at hotels and spa centers. Some hotels do not have the facility, but you may request therapists or masseurs to visit your room. Sri Lankan massage centers should not give any "forbidden services" that prevent by law of Sri Lanka, especially as per Article 360(c). You may hear that some spa centers that breach the law have been raid by Law Enforcement unit. Therefore, you must aware of the place.
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